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KeyMed Pharma is licensed in terms of Regulation 22 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act 101 of 1965 and offers the services of Holder of the Certificate of Registration (applicant or marketing authorisation holder) on behalf of a Principal or dossier owner.

When it comes to medicines, we aim to make a difference.


To ensure patient access to specialised medicines for less common disorders and orphan diseases.


With our extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry in SA and in-house regulatory expertise, Keymed Pharma offers international and local companies the services of applicant or holder of the registration certificate to ensure that all regulatory requirements for marketing authorisation in South Africa are met. In doing so, we aim to provide all South African patients with less common disorders or orphan diseases access to medicines that previously may have been beyond their reach.

Wholesale and distribution activities are delegated, by means of partnerships and joint ventures, to competent and licensed companies in South Africa, with the approval of the Principal or product owner.


Integrity and Trust
Uncompromising Excellence
Value beyond the monetary